3 the production and sale of

The Tesla Model 3 production schedule is being pushed back. Here are some key points via Yahoo: Tesla reported its largest quarterly loss to date Adjusted loss per share:

3 the production and sale of

Even though Tesla executives promised that things would be different with the Model 3, Tesla this week revealed that it was once again pushing back its production schedule for the Model 3.

Specifically, Tesla is now aiming to manufacture 5, Model 3 units per week by the end of June.

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And before that, Tesla claimed it would be able to reach that threshold by December. We intend to achieve the 5, per week milestone by the end of Q2. The Sony noise cancelling headphones people like more than Bose just got deep Black Friday discounts The good news, though, is that production improvements are being made.

By way of contrast, Tesla during the recent holiday quarter bumped up production to 2, units.

3 the production and sale of

Currently, Tesla claims that production stands at about 1, units per week. The Model 3 notwithstanding, Tesla did manage to enjoy a successful quarter overall; the company delivered more than 29, vehicles over the past three months, setting an all-time quarterly record in the process.

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production Stages

For the year gone by, Tesla deliveredvehicles, a solid increase from the 83, vehicles it delivered in In Musk predicted , Model 3 units would be sold in , but that production may reach only 20, by December.

Axel Schmidt, a managing director at consulting firm Accenture, said that Tesla's problems with Gigafactory 1 prove that increasing Model 3 production "remains a huge challenge".

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