A biography of heinrich schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter

The program poses many questions and answers some, about what we know and how we know about the city of Troy.

A biography of heinrich schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter

See Article History Alternative Title: He is sometimes considered to be the modern discoverer of prehistoric Greece, though scholarship in the late 20th and early 21st centuries revealed that much self-mythologizing was involved in establishing his reputation. Youth and early career Schliemann was the son of a poor pastor.

By one of his autobiographical accounts, it was a picture of Troy in flames in a history book his father had given him when he was seven years old that remained in his memory throughout his life and sustained his fervent belief in the historical foundations of the Homeric poems.

He worked for several years at the grocery and then determined to emigrate.

Heinrich Schliemann biography

In order to do so, he became a cabin boy on a ship bound from Hamburg to Venezuela. After the vessel was wrecked off the Dutch coast, he became an office boy and then a bookkeeper for a trading firm in Amsterdam.

A biography of heinrich schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter

He had a passion and a flair for languages, as well as a remarkable memory, and those factors, combined with great energy and determination, enabled him to learn to read and write several languages fluently.

Accounts vary, but his competence certainly included Russian and both ancient and modern Greek. In his firm sent him to St. Petersburg as an agent.

There he founded a business on his own and embarked, among other things, on the indigo trade. In he married Ekaterina Lyschin. He made a fortune at the time of the Crimean Warmainly as a military contractor. In the s he was in the United States and became a U.

Returning to Russia, he retired from business at age 36 and began to devote his energies and money to the study of prehistoric archaeology. To train himself, he traveled extensively in GreeceItalyScandinaviaGermanyand Syria and then went around the world, visiting IndiaChinaand Japan he wrote a book about the last two countries.

He also studied archaeology in Paris.

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In that work he argued what he had been convinced of by Calvert whose name he conveniently eliminated from the discussion: He further claimed that the graves of the Greek commander Agamemnon and his wife, Clytemnestraat Mycenaewhich had been described by the Greek geographer Pausaniaswere not the tholoi vaulted tombs outside the citadel walls but lay inside the citadel.

He was able to prove both theories by excavation in the course of the next few years. In the meantime, he divorced his Russian wife and married a young Greek schoolgirl named Sophia Engastromenos, whom he had selected through a marriage bureau.

In Schliemann took up his work at that large man-made mound. He believed that the Homeric Troy must be in the lowest level of the mound, and he dug uncritically through the upper levels. In he uncovered fortifications and the remains of a city of great antiquity, and he discovered a treasure of gold jewelry as well as vessels of bronze, gold, and silverwhich he smuggled out of Turkey.

He believed that the city he found was Homeric Troy. However, it proved to predate the era he thought it to be.'LOST AND FOUND' is a very thorough biography of Heinrich Schliemann but the insightful discussion concerning "Priam's Treasure", post Schliemann's lifetime, would have been better suited for an extended newspaper editorial.

A biography of heinrich schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter

HEINRICH SCHLIEMANN A BIBLIOGRAPHIC HANDLIST BY CURTIS RUNNELS PROFESSOR OF ARCHAEOLOGY, BOSTON UNIVERSITY was an old fashioned treasure hunter who contributed nothing to archaeology. Denying that learned archaeological tome of how little he managed to pay for his coffee?

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Youth and early career

But, if you are interested in the evolution of 19th century archaeology or in-depth archaeological validation of the Trojan War. Jan 01,  · This book fell into two halves, the first a biography of Heinrich Schliemann the treasure hunter/archaeologist who discovered the site of Homer's Troy and the second the complex fate of the treasure he found there.4/5.

Archaeology stimulates interest in ancient objects, and people in search of artifacts or treasure cause damage to archaeological sites. The commercial and academic demand for artifacts unfortunately contributes directly to the illicit antiquities trade. Slide 1- Heinrich Schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter.

Slide 2- Heinrich Schliemann was born in Beubukow, Germany in and he died in at Naples, Italy. He received little education as a child, and first was enrolled at school at age 9.

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