A comparison of pankration and pammachon the ancient greek exercises

In The Martial Arts of Ancient Greece, the authors offer close inspection of these depictions to reveal that they exactly correlate to the grappling and combat arts as they are practiced today. They also show that these artifacts document the historical course of the development of both the weaponry of the warrior classes and the martial responses those weapons required when fighting hand-to-hand. The depiction of each ancient technique is accompanied by sequenced step-by-step photos of modern practitioners performing the various stances of one-on-one combat.

A comparison of pankration and pammachon the ancient greek exercises

General meaning and organization of the Ancient Olympic Games Running sports short and long distance, race in armour, torch race Combat sports wrestling, boxing, pankration Pentathlon Horse races chariot racing, horse with rider Modern Olympic Games Summer and Winter Olympics, Paralympics Fun facts: Move on to the Olympic Games and brainstorm ideas out of them What is it?

Share Follow-up Activities A. Class Discussion What were the running events at the Ancient Olympics? Two short and one long distance event, the race in armour and the torch race What was Pankration? What were the events? Zeus Were there none sporting events? Music and literature dedicated to the god Apollo Could slaves compete in the games?


The Olympics was only for free citizens, women, metics and slaves were excluded B. Activity I Create your own sport Split your class into small groups of students and write on the board the different steps below.

Each group will have to write the information below on a sheet of paper. The students can then present their sport to the class.

Maybe the good sports can be played at PE! What kind of sport?

A comparison of pankration and pammachon the ancient greek exercises

Is it played in water? Is it about accuracy or about speed? Is it an individual sport or a team sport? Pick a name for your sport Should be simple! Rules How many players? How to score points?

Is there contact between players? Be sure all the players have specific jobs, and that each one contributes to the game. Draw the design of the field 5. One volunteer from each group sits in a chair with their backs to the board.

Muay Thai: Beyond The Ring: Ancient Gladiator Exercises

The first one to guess the word gets a point for their team. Use words related to the Olympics, but you can also extend it to what you have already seen with your students relating to the ancient Greek civilization.The course will be in English with occasional touches of Classical Greek, and I’m sure your interesting article about women poets in ancient Greece will be the perfect introduction that will help me to enjoy the seminar on Sappho's island!

The ancient Hellenic martial art of Pammachon is the fighter that flights to win in two Olympic games (pigmi, wresting, pagration).

The one part of Pammachon is known in many names today such as: Pangkration, Pancraio, Paradosimos, Pankration, Pancratium, Pangratius. The Ancient Greek gymnasion was a public location used for training, education, exercise and socialising – something roughly similar to our modern community centre.

A comparison of pankration and pammachon the ancient greek exercises

In Ancient Greek society, achieving a harmonious balance between body and mind was an important aspect of an individual’s personal development. The various technical aspects of ancient Greek combat sports were transmitted as well in order to improve effectiveness in close-combat fighting.

To trace back these technical features, a detailed description of wrestling, boxing and pankration as developed in ancient Greece are compared together with their East-Asian counterparts. The following Greek words, wOloixol, ire- The Olyrnpic Games in Ancient Times.

pLirXoKai, Xvyicr/jLOL, which literally mean pushing, grasping and twisting the limbs, were used by Lucian to express different styles of wrestling.

Descrizione prodotto

The year was B.C. at a time when Egypt was already ancient, that the Greeks began the practice of wrestling in honor of the African God Amon, whom they renamed Zeus. the entire Greek pantheon of Gods and Goddesses are based on African deities that were simply renamed.

Pammachon Martial Arts - Pammachon Martial Arts