An analysis of the protagonist wang lung in the good earth by pearl s buck

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An analysis of the protagonist wang lung in the good earth by pearl s buck

However, the House of Hwang slowly declines due to opium use, frequent spending, uncontrolled borrowing and a general unwillingness to work. Meanwhile, Wang Lung, through his own hard work and the skill and hard work of his wife, O-Lan, slowly earns enough money to buy land from the Hwang family, piece by piece.

O-Lan delivers three sons and three daughters; the first daughter becomes mentally handicapped as a result of severe malnutrition brought on by famine.

Her father greatly pities her and calls her "Poor Fool," a name by which she is addressed throughout her life.

O-Lan kills her second daughter at birth to spare her the misery of growing up in such hard times, and to give the remaining family a better chance to survive. During the devastating famine and drought, the family must flee to a large city in the south to find work.

The family sells everything except the land and the house. Wang Lung then faces the long journey south, contemplating how the family will survive walking, when he discovers that the "firewagon" the Chinese word for the newly built train takes people south for a fee.

In the city, O-Lan and the children beg while Wang Lung pulls a rickshaw.

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They find themselves aliens among their more metropolitan countrymen who look different and speak in a fast accent. They no longer starve, due to the one-cent charitable meals of congeebut still live in abject poverty. Wang Lung longs to return to his land. When armies approach the city he can only work at night hauling merchandise out of fear of being conscripted.

One time, his son brings home stolen meat.

An analysis of the protagonist wang lung in the good earth by pearl s buck

Furious, Wang Lung throws the meat on the ground, not wanting his sons to grow up as thieves. O-Lan, however, calmly picks up the meat and cooks it. Meanwhile, O-Lan finds jewels in a hiding place in another house and hides them between her breasts. Wang Lung uses this money to bring the family home, buy a new ox and farm tools, and hire servants to work the land for him.

In time, the youngest children are born, a twin son and daughter. He is eventually able to send his first two sons to school also apprenticing the second one as a merchant and retains the third one on the land.

As Wang Lung becomes more prosperous, he buys a concubine named Lotus. O-Lan endures the betrayal of her husband when he takes the only jewels she had asked to keep for herself, the two pearls, so that he can make them into earrings to present to Lotus.

An analysis of the protagonist wang lung in the good earth by pearl s buck

Wang Lung finally appreciates her place in his life as he mourns her passing. Lung and his family move into town and rent the old House of Hwang. Wang Lung, now an old man, wants peace, but there are always disputes, especially between his first and second sons and particularly their wives.

At the end of the novel, Wang Lung overhears his sons planning to sell the land and tries to dissuade them.14 November Character Analysis The protagonist of The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, Wang Lung, is a proud, and ambitious family man who begins life in poverty, living in rural, 19th century China.

Jun 27,  · In Pearl S Buck’s “The Good Earth” the protagonist Wang Lung chided his sons when he overheard them talking about selling the land which he had loved so much.

He said “ if you sell the land, it is the end”. Another American novel from the Depression-era, Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth (), challenges the idea put forth in other Depression-era works that hunger can broaden people’s compassion for the downtrodden.

While the novel’s portrayal of hunger was no doubt meant to connect emotionally with s Americans who saw themselves as victims of natural disaster and other forces they could not . When Hollywood's MGM decided to make Pearl Buck's novel, "The Good Earth" into a movie, Wong would not be considered for the lead role of O-Lan.

U.S. Hayes Code anti-miscegenation clauses dictated that only a white actress could play the role since the star who played O-Lan's husband was white (Paul Muni). The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, is set China and its protagonist is a poor farmer named Wang Lung. He wants a wife to do the household chores while he works in the fields; however, he is so poor.

Pearl S Buck though not Chinese, remained to be the only original source of China, for Americans and other wor Litter_Brochure_GoodEarth_PRINT - The Good Earth The cood earth caulus toll FREE nº () ºism W. E. F. I.F. E. E.

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