Apache rewrite all urls to index.php

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Apache rewrite all urls to index.php

Example Htaccess File Rewrite Engine In order for any of these rules to work, the first thing we need to do is turn on the rewrite engine. In most cases, this is already set up by your host, but it won't hurt to list it again here.

This is just telling the server to disable directory listings and follow symbolic links. If you are a Windows user, this would be the same as a shortcut. You may not need the first line though, but it is important to understand why you might need to add it.

The second line is what actually turns the rewrite engine on. It does nothing for us though. Basic Redirect There are a couple reasons why you would use a basic redirect.

Let's say you just re-structured and organized your files, but you wanted visitors who were still using the old filename to be able to access the new one. They might have bookmarked the page, or found it in a search engine.

If it finds it, it will visually redirect the visitor to new-filename. In the last part of the rule, we're using a redirect flag with a code attribute attached, which is a permanent redirect.

EDIT: When I try the rewrite rules below I get this error: [error] [client ] Invalid URI in request GET / HTTP/ [error] [client ] Invalid URI in request GET /abc HTTP/ EDIT: Oh, this is the complete content of /plombier-nemours.com When I remove the rewrite rules, it outputs '/' or '/plombier-nemours.com' or I get a for anything else. This tool allows us to rewrite URLs in a cleaner fashion, translating human-readable paths into code-friendly query strings. How To Set Up mod_rewrite for Apache on Ubuntu Posted June 27, k views Apache Ubuntu. By: There are other resources that detail the capabilities of mod_rewrite: Apache mod_rewrite . Redirecting and Remapping with mod_rewrite. Available Languages: en else we rewrite the URL to its original state. a certain file, like plombier-nemours.com) to handle all requests that come to a particular directory, except those that should go to an existing resource such as an image, or a css file.

If we had just used [R] without adding the code parameter, the code would have been awhich is a temporary redirect. We want to use a permanent one so search engines know that the old file does not exist anymore. There is also a caret in front of old-filename.

These are regular expressions, and the caret tells us to the request must start with this, while the dollar sign means it must end with this. We will talk more about flags and regular expressions in an upcoming article.

The last thing we want to point out is the forward slash in front of new-filename. If we were to specify the base path for rewriting, we would not need this, but since we did not, we need to add it.

URL Rewriting - Slim Framework v2

If we wanted to drop it though, we would add the following directive after we turn the rewrite engine on: The base for rewriting URLs will always be the root of your website. We could also do a temporary redirect: If you don't specify anything after the Redirect, it will use the default temporary redirect ajust like our redirect flag.

It wouldn't make sense to create a redirect rule for each file. So instead we could do this: Maybe you want to give the illusion that your individual files are actually directories: This is important not only aesthetically, but for search engine optimization.

By forcing visitors and search engines to your preferred domain, you can guarantee that you won't end up with duplicate results or different page ranks for your domain with or without the WWW.

I personally think domains look naked without them, and there is a reason why we use the WWW in the first place. See, not everyone enters the WWW when they type in a domain. Some leave it out, while others always type it in.

If you're familiar with the keyboard shortcuts built in to your browser, simply typing the domain without the TLD extension e. You might have been to a site before and noticed that if you don't type the WWW in, you get an error page telling you that the page cannot be found.

It all depends on how your host or server administrator has decided to set this up, but usually your domain will work with or without the WWW.

apache rewrite all urls to index.php

The second part of this line is checking to see if the hostname does not have a WWW in front of it, and if it does not find one, it moves to the second line, and redirects all requests to the same domain with the WWW in front of it. If the WWW is already there, then this rule is ignored because it would not meet the condition in the first line.

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The NC flag at the end of the first line just means to ignore the case of what the request is, so we could type in DoMain.

A code is a permanent redirect, and that is important because it also tells search engines that this isn't a temporary thing which is what a code would be.The gist of above code goes as follows – If a file doesn’t exist with the same name as the requested file *and* a directory doesn’t exist with the same name *and* a symbolic link doesn’t exist then force all of the traffic to the plombier-nemours.com script *without* redirecting.

apache rewrite all urls to index.php

Apache rewrite - automatically add trailing slash to URLs Hello. I am having problems configuring my virtual host to support the automatical attachment of a trailing slash at the end of the plombier-nemours.coms: Mod rewrite enabled and working, urls contain plombier-nemours.com up vote 1 down vote favorite I have a strange issue: I have a drupal 8 instance on a subfolder in /var/www, I have enabled mod-rewrite in apache, I changed the plombier-nemours.com file as in this post and the clean urls are working if I navigate directly to /drupal/admin for example.

Hi folks, In some prior owncloud documentation (or maybe a github issue, I forget) I read enabling mod_rewrite and mod_env will trigger OC to magically eradicate plombier-nemours.com from URLS.

Is this the case with NC? Because.

I have a project where everything on the website is routed via plombier-nemours.com and the way my app is designed, plombier-nemours.com can be removed from the URL safely. So, ```/plombier-nemours.com from=23``` can safely be converted to ```/inbox from=23```. I need the rewri. Is there any simple way to have wordpress, php or apache rewrite all urls which involve /wp-admin to /admin?. I have added this entry to plombier-nemours.comss file: RewriteRule ^admin /plombier-nemours.com [L]. apache - PHP Url Rewrite mod-rewrite php plombier-nemours.comss redirect to external url but with mod_rewrite php - Apache mod Rewrite: how to rewrite these URLs to make clean URL.

Apache rewrite - Force all requests to plombier-nemours.com Ask Question. In Nginx, how can I rewrite all http requests to https while maintaining sub-domain? 0. URL generates a redirect when clicking it in a link for most browsers - but returns when typing it.

0. Nov 19,  · Apache and mod_rewrite (plombier-nemours.comss)¶ While CakePHP is built to work with mod_rewrite out of the box–and usually does–we’ve noticed that a few users struggle with getting everything to play nicely on their systems.

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