Crimes in delhi and mumbai essay

Violence against women in India Police records show high incidence of crimes against women in India. The National Crime Records Bureau reported in that the growth rate of crimes against women would be higher than the population growth rate by

Crimes in delhi and mumbai essay

Universities Only a handful of educational theorists hold the view that if only the adult world would get out of the way, children would ripen into fully realized people.

Most thinkers, educational practitioners, and parents acknowledge that children are born helpless and need the care and guidance of adults into their teens and often beyond.

More specifically, children need to learn how to live harmoniously in society. Historically, the mission of schools has been to develop in the young both the intellectual and the moral virtues.

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Concern for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for others, is the domain of moral education. Moral education, then, refers to helping children acquire those virtues or moral habits that will help them individually live good lives and at the same time become productive, contributing members of their communities.

In this view, moral education should contribute not only to the students as individuals, but also to the social cohesion of a community. The word moral comes from a Latin root mos, moris and means the code or customs of a people, the social glue that defines how individuals should live together.

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A Brief History of Moral Education Every enduring community has a moral code and it is the responsibility and the concern of its adults to instill this code in the hearts and minds of its young.

Since the advent of schooling, adults have expected the schools to contribute positively to the moral education of children. When the first common schools were founded in the New World, moral education was the prime concern.

New England Puritans believed the moral code resided in the Bible. Therefore, it was imperative that children be taught to read, thus having access to its grounding wisdom. As early as the colony of Massachusetts passed a law requiring parents to educate their children.

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In the famous Old Deluder Satan Act strengthened the law. Without the ability to read the Scriptures, children would be prey to the snares of Satan. As common school spread throughout the colonies, the moral education of children was taken for granted. Formal education had a distinctly moral and religion emphasis.

Harvard College was founded to prepare clergy for their work. Those men who carved out the United States from the British crown risked their fortunes, their families, and their very lives with their seditious rebellion. Most of them were classically educated in philosophy, theology, and political science, so they had learned that history's great thinkers held democracy in low regard.

They knew that democracy contained within itself the seeds of its own destruction and could degenerate into mobocracy with the many preying on the few and with political leaders pandering to the citizenry's hunger for bread and circuses. The founders' writings, particularly those of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John and Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Franklin, are filled with admonitions that their new country make education a high priority.

While the early leaders saw economic reasons for more and longer schooling, they were convinced that the form of government they were adopting was, at heart, a moral compact among people.3.

Essay on the Characteristics of Crime: According to Tappan () “Crime is an intentional act or omission in violation of criminal law committed without defence of justification.”In this definition Tapan has emphasized five characteristics of crime.

(1) A crime should be an act or omission of an act. The infusion approach. In general, an infusion approach to character education aims to restore the formation of students' characters to a central place in schooling.

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Rather than simply adding on character formation to the other responsibilities of schools, such as numeracy, literacy, career education, health education, and other goals, a focus on good character permeates the entire school. A memorial marks the spot in Birla House (now Gandhi Smriti), New Delhi, where Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated at p.m.

Crimes in delhi and mumbai essay

on 30 January Low Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion. For ex. Delhi development Authority, Town and country planning organization came during this period. Third plan () was turning point in urban planning history, as it emphasized on importance of towns and cities in balanced regional development.

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Essay on Crime in India