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Scammers pretending to be from Telstra Technical Support continue cold-calling Australians 28 March SCAMwatch and Telstra are warning consumers to hang up the phone if they receive a call out of the blue from someone claiming there is a problem with their internet connection or computer. The caller claims that they are able to fix the problem on the spot, however a fee for this service will need to be paid and the person will also need to download software that will allow the caller remote access to their computer. If the person resists or questions the scammer, they up the ante. When the person has requested proof that they are a Telstra rep, scammers have given out a fake number for Telstra which, when the consumer calls, puts them back on the line with the scammer.

Digital business plan telstra internet

digital business plan telstra internet

How do I know when I am using Peace of Mind data? Can you hotspot with Peace of Mind Data? Can you remove Peace of Mind Data from your plan?

Peace of Mind Data is included in your Choice Plan and cannot be removed. What should you do if you need more data or faster speeds?

Opt in for Extra Data. If you have a Business Choice Plan and you use all of your data, your speeds will be slowed. If you have a fleet plan such as Business Fleet Connect and Business Mobile Advantage and you use all your data, you'll be charged at your current per MB rate.

What if you need more data? If you need even more data you can add a data pack to your monthly mobile service. You can do this through Your Telstra Tools: Sign in to Your Telstra Tools. Under Services, select Mobile and Mobile Broadband. Under your usage, in the Voice and data pack column, select Add.

Check your usage in the Telstra 24x7 app or in Your Telstra Tools. How does a data pack work? It automatically reactivates each month.

You can upgrade or downgrade your data pack at any time through Your Telstra Tools.

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When you no longer need your data pack, you can remove it at any time by contacting us.About this Service: Compare TV is a comparison site offering unbiased reviews on pay TV, streaming, broadband, mobile, and other services related to digital entertainment.

We help you compare a selection of the best products, plans, and services available, and earn transactional click fees for .

digital business plan telstra internet

Read the latest technology news from Australia and the world online. Visit the website to find out more. Telstra has agreed to offer remedies to around 42, customers for promoting and offering some of its National Broadband Network (NBN) speed plans as being capable of delivering specified maximum speeds, when those maximum speeds could not be achieved in real-world conditions.

Home and business customers don’t need to do anything to access the upgrade – Telstra will automatically perform the switch in the background and notify users on the 25Mbps plan when it’s.

Here at A&A Digital Business Consulting, we are proud to provide our integrated digital consulting services to our valuable clients. by Ryan Dunn from the Telstra TV team 12 min read. Whether you’re in the mood for an Aussie comedy, a gritty drama or the latest reality series, we’ve got you covered on Telstra TV.

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