Drugs in teenagers essay

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Drugs in teenagers essay

Not many of us do but we all know what it does to us. Drugs are harmful to the brain and the body system itself; they affect the heart in many ways and because of that people become unconscious as to what their actions are. They do not realize how badly they can harm the community Drugs in teenagers essay them.

Drugs are normally used by those who are not involved in activities Drugs in teenagers essay as, religious clubs, sports, etc. The users are normally stressed out with life and at times they just need something to set their minds aside from problems which occur in their everyday life.

There are many reasons as to why and how drugs affect the community around the drug user however; there are also reasons as to why a person may use or get involved with drug usage such as being poor or even the lack of socializing. The main reason as to why people use drugs is because they don't socialize much with the people around them.

As time goes by, these people who have no one to socialize with believe that they can set their minds off of it by smoking or sniffing drugs. Moreover, they believe that the more drugs they buy from others, the more friends they make, the more they are socializing but in the wrong way.

It is not only the drugs affecting the community but it is the community affecting itself.


The community has so much racism involved between all cultures and ethnicities that people try to ignore the fact about who and what they are. The blacks and whites aren't the only type of people who are at times racist against each other but there are other groups such as the Indians verses the Pakistani's who are racist at times also.

Racism causes self consciousness and that leads to drug abuse because they believe that it will take the thoughts out of their minds. Not all types of drugs are as harmful such as marijuana which is at times used for medical reasoning's.

There is also the harm about giving birth to a child when abusing drugs. When a pregnant woman uses drugs she affects the fetus.

Scientist have studied facts about the babies born from marijuana users were shorter, weighed less, and had smaller head sizes than those born from the mothers who did not use the drug. When a baby is smaller than its average size the health of the baby has more of a risk to it than an average sized baby.

Drug abuse has negative effects on the fetus because they are transferred from the placenta to the fetus which harms the birth of the baby. If a pregnant woman is taking in drugs she is making it harder for the unborn to breath and most of the drugs can cause a miscarriage.

Drugs in teenagers essay

If the mother is smoking heroine while having a child, the child can become immune to that drug and become dependent on it. PCP and LSD can lead to various problems for the child such as, low birth weight, poor muscle control, brain damage, and withdrawal syndrome if they are used frequently.

Marijuana weakens the immune system which leads to pneumonia and other infections. Stimulants cause an increase in the heart rate and the blood pressure whereas the other types of drugs like heroine cause the heart rate to drop and slow down. Researches show that the cost of drugs is very high.

In America itself it was estimated that two thousand illegal drugs cost us billion dollars. Because of these costs and usage of the drugs, the healthcare prices have also increased to Teenagers on the other hand, especially in the adolescent age are very curious about such matters.

They believe in taking risks and trying new things because they are interested in what it does to them and how. Teenagers aren't aware at all times about the drug and how it can affect the body but they are aware of the fact that it is harmful. Adolescents try things because they think that since their friends are doing it, it is cool to be like them because they assume that drugs make us feel good about ourselves.

They believe it reduces stress however it is hard to keep a teenager away from testing such things because this is the time where they ask for their independence. Teenagers are likely to get involved with drugs if they have a history of drug abuse, if they are depressed, if they have a low self-esteem, and if they are left out of groups or clubs which make them feel unwanted.

They believe that being the parent has no influence on the child if they smoke because in school the child is learning not to. However, the child is influenced by the parent more than anyone else that is in contact with them. It is hard to take someone away from that type of mentality that just because their parents smoke doesn't mean that they should follow in their foot steps but that is exactly what happens because the parents are known for being right.

The children begin to worry about the parent's habits and forget about studies and passing classes, they believe in looking out for their parents because as the parent smokes they become violent and begin to hit the child for no apparent reasons. Just smoking a regular cigarette can lead to the use of marijuana and even cocaine.

An average person will not go straight to smoking hard drugs; they will begin with a packet of cigarettes. Depressants, steroids, heroine, stimulants, marijuana, tobacco and etc.

These drugs affect the body physically and emotionally. Physically, the eyes will become red; they will have a lasting cough, fatigue and complaints about health issues.Drug abuse The level of drug abuse in the US has increased a lot hence leading to the creation of whether some drugs should be legalized in the country or not.

The common notion of drug abuse is that it leads to negative impacts in the body and thinking of the person involved.

Teen Drug Abuse Quiz question 4 Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens While alcohol and marijuana are the drugs most commonly abused by teens, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that prescription drugs follow in third place.

Among other causes of teenage drug abuse, one should name misinformation (stereotypes), escape and self-medication, simple boredom and curiosity, rebellion against parents or society, lack of confidence or self-esteem, and availability of drugs.

The teenagers themselves are always the drug users; the parents of the child can be abusing him/her with the use of drugs and is not willing to seek help for it. They believe that being the parent has no influence on the child if they smoke because in school the child is learning not to.

Read this History Other Essay and over 88, other research documents. Drugs and Teenagers. Drugs and Teenagers Drug use is one of the most serious and concerning issues among teenagers in today's high schools/5(1).

Argumentative essay will provide evidence to support your arguments in favor or against drugs as such. Expository essay on will give you the opportunity to express your attitude towards the topic you have and propose your own argument connected with the topic.

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