Dv lottery win that changed my life

Pinterest While the numbers may seem insignificant, the diversity lottery has increased immigration from African countries. He saw a green card as the easiest way to do that — and possibly a way to increase his chance at scholarships.

Dv lottery win that changed my life

Dv lottery win that changed my life

Whenever I tell anyone that I won the green card lottery, the expression on their face is priceless They all ask the same question; How? All I had to do was spend Dv lottery win that changed my life minutes of my time to enter online using a professional immigration service to handle my application.

My life changed from there on. No need for the doubts, I am a living testimony. The name of the program is The Diversity Visa Lottery, and this is the only legit way for foreigners who cannot meet up with the other stringent criteria for entering the United States can enter, live and work here.

This is the process: You have to be born in one of the countries considered to be eligible. This is the not the same as being a citizen. You can be a citizen of one of the countries but still not be eligible; you have to be born in one of the eligible countries See list of countries here.

Your continent of birth has a massive influence on your chances of winning. For instance, people who were born in Oceania have a far better chance of being accepted.

Last I checked, one in seven applicants from this continent get accepted although, a friend of mine did his research and found the percentage to be lower than mine.

To apply go to www. Attach an image, and if your application is approved, you will be informed via email.

Dv lottery win that changed my life

And now all you have to do is wait. Anytime from May, you will receive a phone call and an email with the results. A welcome letter containing your case number will be sent to your email. The number is made up of a year, a couple of letters, a few zeros and some numbers at the end.

The numbers at the end represent your rank, or in other words, it is an indication of how far down the list you are. The person with rank number 1 will be interviewed a year after the application in October after which others on the list will be interviewed by rank.

Your welcome letter will include a link to the US Government website with some information. At this point, you can only wait till they get to your number.

My number was Your paperwork just has to be meticulous. However, some individuals might be so unlucky that their visas will not be issued before September 30 which is usually the end of processing.

The process continues, and when it gets to your turn, you will receive an email with a lot of paperwork and a fixed date for your interview. Mine was set for May and the letter arrived in Marts. Get as much supporting evidence as you can including things like criminal reports and a series of medical test.

You turn up to your local US Consulate You wait in a sterile waiting room and when it gets to your turn, you will be called up to a counter with glass divider, similar to that of a bank teller. They will review your paperwork and ask you a couple of questions.

In my own case, the interviewer was friendly and the questions asked were logical questions. Where will you live? The whole idea of the interview was to know if I had a plan for myself before leaving. Also, the interview is an avenue to clear up any doubts or unclear statements in my application.

She collected my passport and told me they would send it via a courier within a week. You will be given a few more paperwork to fill out to apply for a social security number. This is just an immigration cover that makes you a legal resident just like any other family born over there.

The Immigration officer will return your passport to you with a shiny new visa in it. He will also hand you a package to give to the immigration officer when you arrive.

At this point, you are free to book your flight and leave.This changed my life: How To Win The Lottery Multiple Times. You can’t win the DV lottery unless you applied between October 18, and November 22, If you did that, you can check whether or not you won starting yesterday, May 15, Despite Trump, millions hope to win what could be the last U.S.

green-card lottery. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post) By Michael E. Miller. Michael E.

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Miller “It changed my life. My life changed from there on. The green card lottery does exist even though the flashing banner ads you see on the internet telling you that you’ve won are all scams. No . How has your life changed after being a green card holder? Is there a particular secret to winning the green card lottery?

Ask New Question. Rana Bhupinder Singh Sohal, 28yrs Travel Xperience visas & Immigration stamps. What are my chances to win the DV lottery as a single lady? Over the last few days I have been asked to clarify the importance of Marital status and the DV lottery.

This point should be simple, but rules vary from country to country – so there is some potential for mistakes which (on marital status) are extremely important to the case. But I won and my marital situation has changed – is that a.

Despite Trump, millions hope to win what could be the last U.S. green-card lottery Tarig Elhakim, 22, left, has won the green-card lottery. His roommate, Abdelsalam Khalafalla, 24, applied last.

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