Essays on same-sex marriage in the united states

Essays On Same Sex Marriage essays on same sex marriage This Argumentative essay will discuss about the argument of same sex marriage. Same-Sex Marriage Equality Essay. Same-Sex Marriage Equality There are over million households in the United States today and out of those households, there are Three reasons why other person wants to legal the same sex marriage:

Essays on same-sex marriage in the united states

One of these issues is homosexual marriage.

Essays on same-sex marriage in the united states

This is an important issue because it deals with a relatively large minority of the United States. This issue is put into many different lights. Those of morals, family values and religion; and those of equality, constitutionality, and right to privacy. The aspect with the most relevance is constantly left up to debate.

These factors are environment and society-the outside influences- and genetics. Hence, homosexuals do not decide their own sexuality, nor do heterosexuals.

Therefore, homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals, one of these rights being marriage. If it is proven that there is indeed a gene that causes homosexuality, than we can draw a parallel between not allowing homosexuals to marry and not allowing blonds to marry.

This is why it is of great importance to public policy whether or not homosexuality is predetermined. Some now believe that homosexuality is genetically predetermined by a gene on the X chromosome. If this is the case, then gays cannot decide their sexual orientation, for it is predetermined.

Hence, not allowing those who are genetically inclined to prefer the same sex to marry leaves homosexuals with three choices. Marriage goes beyond the benefits, however.

The institution of marriage is a very respected one, and holds much sentimental value for many people. If we look at the Declaration of Independence for inspiration, we read that all men are created equal.

Does this exclude homosexuals? Many think so simply because they believe that marriage is not a right, but a privilege. This argument means that because gays are not going to bring a child into the world, they do not deserve the privilege of marriage.

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Those that oppose this argument see marriage in a different way. They believe that if you love someone, you have the right to bond yourself to them legally.

There are many legal and economic benefits to marriage. Studies show that, generally, married couples are more economically stable.

US Supreme Court rules gay marriage is legal nationwide - BBC News

Twelve years earlier, Ms. Rovira and her partner, Ms. Forlini, formalized their relationship in a ceremony where the two women exchanged rings and vows. However, because this ceremony is not recognized by the government, Ms.


Rovira was denied the benefits that would have been given to her if she was a man who had gone through the same ceremony. Forlini could have obtained a marriage that was seen as valid by the law, they would have been able to share the following benefit with many married heterosexual couples.

Inthree homosexual teachers from New York sued the Board of Education. All three of these teachers had live-in same-sex partners. They sued on the grounds that because the Board of Education did not give them the same benefits as married heterosexual couples, they were being discriminated against on the basis of sexual preference Newsweek The whole subject is hidden in the darkness.

Biologists from the National Institutes of Health led by Dean Hamer did a study in and a follow up study in These studies tried to show what biological influences, if any, there are on sexual preference.

In his first study, Hamer compared the X-chromosomes of 40 pairs of gay brothers and found one region, called Xq28, which was more likely to match than would be expected if the two X-chromosomes from the mother had been randomly mixed.

In their second study, which was used to confirm the first, sixty-seven percent matched. In the second study, heterosexual brothers of gays were also included in the study The Economist, Ebers has looked into it himself and sees no linkage between the mother and the son.

He also did a study of forty gay brothers and found no linkage on the X-chromosome. Hamer says that this is because Ebers did not choose subjects from families which would allow for the maternal flow of inheritance Science, On June 26, , the US Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is a right protected by the US Constitution in all 50 states.

Prior to their decision, same-sex marriage was already legal in 37 states and Washington DC, but was banned in the remaining A series of federal court decisions strike down same-sex marriage bans in several states, and the Supreme Court declines to review cases in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, effectively requiring those states to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the United States. It means the 14 states with bans on same-sex marriage will no longer be able to enforce them.

Essays on same-sex marriage in the united states

Applying the Sociological Imagination to Same-Sex Marriage. I grew up in the s when same-sex marriage was not yet an issue of national debate, but in my . Today, approximately seventeen states and twenty-one countries and providences throughout the world have either legalized same-sex marriage or recognized it (BostonGlobe).

Those who support gay marriage argue that gay couples should be able to get married and celebrate their love like every other traditional couple does.

In this paper I will discuss my views on same sex marriage and analyze how the states Massachusetts and California are more liberal than the state of Kentucky when it comes to the issues of same sex marriage. The states Massachusetts and California are more liberal than the state of Kentucky when it comes to the issues of same sex marriage.

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