Free writing activity for kindergarten

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Free writing activity for kindergarten

Writing Prompts 10 worksheets available Strengthen writing skills by reading a writing prompt then drawing a picture and writing a sentence in response to the prompt.


Farm animals 6 worksheets available Learn to identify the most common farm animals and practice spelling and reading their names. Review the role each animal plays on the farm.

Family pets 4 worksheets available Learn to identify common household pets and practice spelling and reading their names. Identify common characteristics of each pet. To learn when new worksheets are added, subscribe via RSS or e-mail: Introduction Throughout the kindergarten year, teachers introduce children to a variety of topics outside of the eight developmental areas.

These topics are often called themes and can incorporate anything from a one-day activity to a week-long discussion to field trips outside of the classroom. This collection of worksheets will be devoted to highlighting some common kindergarten themes such as the days of the week, holidays, telling time, seasons, farm animals, and many others.

I encourage you to use these worksheets with your child as a way of initiating a conversation on a particular theme. Then use related books from the library, games, or trips to local places like the museum or zoo to supplement your child's learning. Common kindergarten classroom themes Kindergarten themes provide ways for young children to explore a variety of subjects.

In kindergarten classrooms, themes are often explored for several weeks, with activities and worksheets tied together by that theme. The worksheets in this section provide opportunities for skill development built around a common theme.

Developing Kindergarten Themes at Home Themes can be developed at home in a number of ways. Picture books that deal with the theme can be a wonderful introduction for children. Librarians can be helpful in directing you to appropriate books.

After reading several of these books, you might ask your child what all of the books have in common.

free writing activity for kindergarten

In addition to picture books, some themes may also be enhanced by non-fiction books that are written for young children. Often photographs, as well as illustrations, accompany factual information about the topic.

Other vehicles for exploring themes includes movies or television shows. Watching alongside your child and discussing the information presented in the program can enhance learning. Museums also can be a resource for exploring kindergarten themes.

Often special exhibits highlight some popular themes that are especially interesting for young children. Finally, the worksheets in this section are a wonderful way for children to explore themes while practicing skills. Discuss the illustrations on the worksheets to help your child identify the theme that this being highlighted.

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free writing activity for kindergarten

(formerly Mrs. Jones shares links to free printable materials on the internet for young children, their teachers and parents.

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Free printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets for early childhood development.

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This book-making activity is quick and easy, and it gives emerging readers insight into how a story's illustrations provide context clues.

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