Group responsibility

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Group responsibility

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The traditional, backward looking, notion does not sit well with those who are skeptical about the ability of collective entities to will and to act as collective entities.

The forward looking notion Group responsibility less controversial than its backward looking counterpart is with respect to its metaphysical foundations. But it does raise questions about how—on the basis of what norms and principles—we Group responsibility ascribe such responsibility in practice.

Three kinds of controversies surround the traditional notion of collective responsibility. The first of these controversies concerns whether or not collective responsibility makes sense as a form of moral responsibility.

Not surprisingly, the primary focus of attention here has been with both the moral agency of groups in general and the possibility of group intentions in particular. How, participants in this controversy have asked, can we understand the notion of collective responsibility as a matter of moral—and not just causal—responsibility?

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Is it possible for groups, as distinct from their members, to cause harm in the sense required by moral responsibility? Is it possible for groups, as distinct from their members, to be morally blameworthy for bringing about harm?

The second controversy, interestingly enough, is not really about the moral responsibility of groups at all, even though it is couched in the language of collective moral responsibility.

Instead, it is about the moral responsibility of individuals who belong to groups that are themselves thought to be morally responsible for particular cases of harm. How, participants in this controversy have asked, can we distribute collective responsibility across individual members of such a group?

Group responsibility

Does it makes sense to distribute collective responsibility in general? Is it appropriate to hold individual group members morally responsible for harm that other group members caused?

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If so, under what conditions and with respect to what particular kinds of groups? Random collections of individuals? When collective responsibility is distributed to individuals, are the individuals morally blameworthy or are they merely liable for remedying harm that the group caused?

The third controversy is primarily normative and concerns the value of ascribing collective responsibility in practice.

In some cases, the concern is with the general practice of collective responsibility and its consequences for our ability to sustain the values of individualism, freedom, and justice.

In other cases, the concern is with the ascriptions of collective responsibility in particular contexts, e. What would happen, critics ask, if we were to replace individual responsibility with collective responsibility? Would we be letting individuals off the hook?

Would we be eroding the practice of personal responsibility in general? The controversies surrounding forward looking collective responsibility have to do with both the role of agent causation in ascribing responsibility for remedying harm in the world and the norms and principles that may—or may not—be appropriate to invoke in this context.

Group responsibility

Does responsibility for remedying harm come down to who caused the harm? If not, what other criteria should we employ? Do considerations of fairness have a place in our ascriptions of remedial responsibility?

If so, what kind of fairness is relevant? What role, if any, should membership in a particular community play here? Would a social contract be helpful in deciding who should be responsible for remedying or preventing particular kinds of harm?

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