Haleeb milk plan

June 16, 0 Comparison of Product strategies of Haleeb Milk with that of Milk Pack Executive Summary Product strategy is very important component from the overall marketing Strategies. Company only organizes due to its products and services. Good product is that the solely method, where company gets the market advantage over its competitors. Higher product, higher service creates the higher image within the eyes of the purchasers.

Haleeb milk plan

But of course there was demand for healthier and cleaner options of these products. Mineral water took its time to hit the market but back prior to the millennia with few of its kind available, the name that was synonymous with branded milk was Haleeb. The journey began inwhen Chaudhry Dairies Ltd CDL established a plant over 37 acres of land with a capacity to process 80, liters of milk per day.

The next year, they started supplying Ultra High Treatment UHT milk that took almost no time in becoming a popular choice. Fast forward to and the former market leader in the milk category that enjoyed more than 52 percent share of the market of packaged milk in is now down to less than 2 percent.

In such a highly competitive market, gaining back lost share is no small challenge, yet Haleeb is gearing itself to gain back its market leadership in the white milk category.

How and why Haleeb Foods lost out on its market and how does it aim to gain back its long-lost glory? Habibulla Khan as its chairman.

Although those other categories have not resulted in Haleeb milk plan total loss as Haleeb is still number two in the tea whitener category, Engro and Nestle have taken over the market space vacated by Haleeb in the white milk category. Haleeb may have seen some tough times in but Haroon Haleeb milk plan that the real setback came in at the hands of the government when the dairy sector was moved from the zero rating category to the tax exempt category which meant that the company would no longer be able to claim the credits for value-added tax paid on inputs.

Losing to loose milk The Pakistani milk market is also a unique one. Loose milk accounts for 95 percent of the total milk market in the country.

Haleeb milk plan

Estimates suggest that Pakistan produces around 38 billion litres of milk annually and only 1. The loose milk industry remains highly unregulated due to its sheer size. The odd raid to curb adulterated loose milk is conducted but by and large the sector remains free to operate and pays close to no tax nor did they take any measures to ensure quality or hygiene.

This makes loose milk very cheap and as such there is high demand for it. Plus we are also competing with loose milk which is making things harder for us. The battle between packaged milk and loose milk is not a new one.

Despite massive campaigns being run by packaged milk producers, the milk market is still dominated by the milkmen selling loose milk in metal containers. In January the findings were released and out of the six brands tested in the Ultra High Temperature UHT category only Haleeb was found to be unsafe for consumption as it contained formalin and cane sugar.

Instead of giving us a chance to defend our position, the media picked up the first report and highlighted it. Haroon says that the media did not carry the PFA report and this skewed coverage proved so harmful to Haleeb that consumers stopped buying their milk. She attended most of the court proceedings and there were two issues deliberated in the court, the quality of water available, be it tap water, bottled water or purified water, and the quality of packaged milk vs.

She added that Punjab Food Authority is holding talks with Milk Suppliers and Sellers Association in Punjab regarding their means of transportation, preservation, hygiene, animal care etc.

Current Marketing Situation

After this Haleeb made an attempt at packaging milk in tetra fino packaging. Haleeb was too early with these products but new players have recently tested the market with pasteurized milk with good results.

Anhaar also offers its product in plastic packaging. Pasteurized milk is first and foremost cheaper than UHT. Prices are close to loose milk and it is a much healthier option.

Comparison of Product strategies of Haleeb Milk with Milk Pack

The problem back in with this variety of milk was the different color and taste as compared to UHT milk. A more informed consumer base now realises that in reality UHT loses its color, not the other way around.

One of the biggest challenges it faces is the short shelf life two to three days and in the absence of a high-quality cold chain infrastructure it is difficult to maintain the freshness and quality of the milk for even that short a period. Nonetheless the UHT producers, apart from the challenges posed by loose milk now have to worry about the new kids on the block as well.

They test and audit our products. After deliberations with the PFA Haleeb has been able to convince them to apply national standards to their milk whitener. The only condition PFA had was that Haleeb clearly display on their packaging whether the product inside is milk or whitener.

Haroon says they already do this.The promotion budget required to carry out such a campaign is approximately Rs. million. A promotional plan needs to be devised to ensure proper positioning of the product and to create awareness in the consumers mind.

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Markwting Plan Tellilac - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. But for Haleeb to retain and grow its customer base, as well as survive the fierce competition in the packaged milk industry, it has to work on two main things: • Develop an effective, far reaching Marketing strategy: Out of sight and out of mind is seen to be true for Haleeb.

With scarce advertisements, Haleeb no longer is “The” milk brand that consumers go after. O nás. Established in , Haleeb Foods is one of the pioneers of the dairy sector in Pakistan. With a strong emphasis on nutrition, health and well-being of its consumers, Haleeb Foods uses world-class dairy processing methods.

Haleeb Milk brand audit report and its activation and establishing an action plan for the brand (Graded best team project report) Team members: Hassan Aftab, Baneen Akif, Usama Asaad, Saad Khawar; Energy Conservation Survey at Packages Limited Lahore. –

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