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Statistics of the Board of Trade The surviving records of mainly the English railway companies, transferred from the British Railways Record Office There is also a museum, which displays key documents such as Domesday Book and has exhibitions on various topics using material from the collections. The reference number is composed of three sections: Documents can also be ordered in advance. Special arrangements are in place for readers wishing to retrieve large groups of files.

Kew questions in world issues a

Are you Anup Shah the award-winning photographer? I am often asked why I have not talked about a certain issue, perspective, etc, or why I have not placed a certain issue at the top of the home page as clearly the most important issue facing humanity and the planet.

Usually it is because of time: I work on this site on my own, and spare time. As a result, I am often backlogged with emails, and tasks. I am some 5 years behind on writing up notes from various books I have read, for example!

I therefore cannot get round to everything immediately, though so many suggested topics are ones I have in mind to write about anyway.

Hopefully in due time.

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Back to top Do you require or seek assistance? How can I help or get involved? I often receive offers for help and even from time to time requests for jobs, internships, etc, which is really appreciated and flattering. I generally have two types of answers: For those seeking employment here, as I work on this spare time on my own, I do not have resources and ability to employ anyone.

If it helps, check out the massive oneworld. First, very kind of you, thanks! Secondly, given the current way I work ad hoc, and unpredictably, sometimes moving from one topic to another it is hard for me to coordinate. However, if you let me know your interest areasI can keep a record of that and let you know if I can do with some assistance.

Back to top I would like to submit an article to your site. Can I do that?

Kew questions in world issues a

As mentioned above, I currently do not work with others and maintain this site in spare time only. Due of this practical constraint, I am very hesitant to put up articles submitted by others, as I would prefer at this time to be able to go through everything and check it myself, first to be sure it is good quality.

For example, The War on Terrorism section has some articles reposted from other sites, because I have not had the time to keep up with all the smaller details, though I feel they offer perspectives that are interesting or important. In a couple of places I have been given permission by authors of reasonably popular books to repost a chapter or two, having read the book in question myself.

These form another 20 or so pages.

I have even approached authors requesting if I can repost chapters though usually the publisher says no!

On a couple of occasions, I have posted articles from others, where I have had the time to read it fully and discuss it with them. These days, I do lack spare time often, so that does make this example rare.

The remainder of the site some or more articles is typically written by myself at this time.

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As a result, I am also a bottleneck for getting those articles up there. Finally, I prefer in many cases to link to the original web location of the submitted article.Questions and answers about world issues In this section, you find teachings about a variety of world issues, including historical events and current affairs.

This includes how to change society, natural disasters, man-made atrocities, the economy and the power elite. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, usually referred to simply as Kew Gardens, cover an area of over acres on the south bank of the Thames River in in a pleasant and wealthy suburb in .

An insight into issues that may not be covered accurately by mainstream media, for political reasons or whatever. Issues include human rights, arms trade, racism, womens rights, biodiversity, animal and nature conservation, global warming, genetic engineering of food, trade, poverty and much more.

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Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Kew Gardens?Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you! The Upper School English curriculum consists of a four–year sequence.

Kew questions in world issues a

The ninth and tenth grades review fundamental reading and writing skills gained in Middle School, with increasing emphasis placed on analysis in all major genres of literature (poetry, drama, novels, short stories, and creative nonfiction).

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