Lucid dreaming persuasive essay

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Lucid dreaming persuasive essay

By Leigh Ann Morgan Many teens dream of sleeping in each day, but it has nothing to do with laziness or lack of ambition. As children move into adolescence, their sleep cycles change. Adolescents naturally stay up later and get up later because of how their bodies release melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.

Several studies show that teens cannot get out of this melatonin-induced sleep mode until at least 8: Changing school start times has several benefits, but administrators must also consider the drawbacks of changing a familiar schedule. Pros Reduced Risk of Teen Crashes Teen drivers have several factors against them when it comes to their risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Some teens drive while talking with friends or texting on their cell phones, taking their Lucid dreaming persuasive essay away from the road. Others are not mature enough to make good driving decisions, increasing the risk of accidents.

What many people do not know is that sleepiness is a major factor in teen crashes. In fact, AAA says that drowsiness contributes to more thancrashes per year. When teens drive while they are drowsy, they have slowed reaction times and have a hard time paying attention to the road.

Adolescents are especially at risk for driving drowsy because of early school start times. Moving school start times to at least 8: Improved Academic Performance It is clear that sleep deprivation has a significant effect on academic performance.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that a lack of sleep impacts performance by reducing concentration, creating attention deficits, slowing reaction times, increasing distractibility, impairing decision-making skills and causing forgetfulness.

AASM also says that sleep-deprived people are more prone to errors. These effects can have a serious impact on test scores and on the grades students receive on class projects and papers. Even if lectures and activities are interesting and stimulating, the urge to sleep still reduces alertness, memory and understanding.

InAmy Wolfson, Ph. The poor performers also went to bed approximately 40 minutes later than the students who reported getting good grades. A study from the University of Minnesota confirmed that later school start times can have a positive effect on academic performance.

Investigators studied two school districts that changed their start times to 8: When compared with students attending schools with earlier start times, the students reported getting higher grades. They also had fewer depressive feelings, got more sleep on school nights and had less daytime sleepiness.

Fewer Mood Changes Moody teenagers may not have depression or other psychological disorders. They may be suffering the ill effects of sleep deprivation caused by starting school too early.

AASM reports that sleep deprivation leads to anxiety, irritability, lack of motivation and other symptoms of depression.

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Delaying school start times can reduce these symptoms, as demonstrated by the results of the University of Minnesota study.

Improved Physical Health Early school start times do not just affect mental ability and mood.Nov 12,  · In a lucid dream, there is clear conscious knowledge that the dreamer, is in a dream.

Lucid dreaming persuasive essay

In lucid dreams, we can remember waking life, acknowledge we are in a dream, and in some cases, control the dream to varying degrees. Lucid dreaming may sound unreal to some. Some have argued that lucid dreams are merely dreams where we dream we are in control.

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Lucid Dreaming | Essay Example

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Order now Now that we have discussed the REM cycle, I want to explain to you some of the benefits of lucid dreaming.

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Lucid dreaming can be an exciting and thrilling experience that is actually helpful in the real world. The Health Benefits of Yoga - Yoga is a practice that anyone of any age can complete anywhere at anytime. It originated in ancient India and is estimated to be nearly five thousand years old.

Lucid dreaming only means to have conscious selfsameness within the dream state. Sometimes this means control oiling many aspects of it, sometimes just a few key expectations, and sometimes you may whose to relinquish all control altogether.

Lucid dreaming persuasive essay

The sailor does not control the sea,” as lucid dream researcher Robert Wag owner puts it.

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