Scar tissue

While not every scar presents a problem, many do. Any kink, pull or restriction in one area can affect everything else. If your movements are restricted, your muscles will be forced to work harder.

Scar tissue

Natural Medicine for Health, Beauty, and Wellness Acupuncture for Scar Scar tissue By mbivinsphd In my acupuncture practice, it is common for patients to report discomfort associated with scar tissueespecially following a surgical procedure. While the formation of scar tissue is a natural function of healing, it can also become a chronic source of pain and discomfort that can last for years.

Recently, at the 3rd Research Fascia Congress, Jean-Claude Gimberteau presented an Scar tissue video of in vivo scar tissue. The video provided a clear visual of tissue and fascial disorganization associated with scar tissue. Viewing these powerful images, as well as coming to a deeper understanding of the process of tissue repair, have helped me to become more effective in working with scar tissue.

Typically, when I assess scar tissue, I gently palpate the area around the scar and the scar itself. I look for areas where the tissue is able to move freely or for areas where the tissue has become thickened and dense underneath the scar, or where the scar is being pulled into the body.

As I attempt to mobilize the area, I ask the patient to describe where they feel sensation.

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Many times they report feeling pain, tension, or tugging in another part of the body, away from the scar. This image is of a patient who underwent breast reduction lollipop surgery, twelve years ago. It is a very invasive surgery and results in large areas of scar tissue. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stagnation in the chest can create heat-induced anxiety.

Palpation demonstrated that there was a good deal of fascial restriction along the scars with a grayish-green discoloration of the skin between both breasts stagnation.

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The image shows how I set the acupuncture needles along the scar tissue, at an angle. Then, I gently tugged on the needles, mobilizing the underlying scar tissue until the fascia begin to release. I also used glass cups to lift the underlying fascia and increase the flow of blood, lymph, and qi through the area.

In the image you can see how the circulation increased as the grey-greenish area began to pink-up. The patient had a good result.

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Her anxiety lessened considerably and her breathing improved. She was now able to expand her diaphragm more easily upon inhalation, allowing more flow through the upper body.

Acupuncture to Resolve Scar Tissue from Lollipop Surgery Have you ever experienced residual pain around a scar, long after it had healed? Did you receive treatment for the scar?Anyone who studies the structure and function of the human body must be amazed by its remarkable ability to heal.

Our poor bodies are insulted every day by irritated hangnails, blisters from sunburn, scraped elbows, bruised shins, and overworked livers.

Scar tissue

When it comes to scar care, the advice (if you get any) is usually to break up the scar tissue to help it become mobile and supple again.

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Lasers come in two forms: Ablative, which remove the top layer of skin, and non-ablative, which are less invasive and.

Scar tissue

Scar Tissue Problems After a C Section 1. What Are Adhesions? A dhesions occur internally when the body undergoes severe trauma, inflammation or infection.

Surgery, like the one performed to help deliver your baby, constitutes as a traumatic experience. Watch the video for Scar Tissue from Red Hot Chili Peppers's Californication for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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