Supply chain of betel leaf

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Supply chain of betel leaf

Supply chain of betel leaf

To know the price of different types of betel leaves. To know the market potentiality of betel leaf. To know the perceptions of different channel members of the betel market.

Supply chain of betel leaf

About 20 million people derive their livelihood directly or indirectly, from production, processing, handling, transportation and marketing of betel leaves in India. About million people consume betel leaves in India on a regular basis.

Also known as a mild digestive stimulant. An overview An Overview Contd… The average amount of leaves consumed by a family in a month is 3.

An Overview Types of Betel leaves: Measurements The vineyard is called as Baraja. Trading market for Puri: Domestic market for Balasore: P, Banaras, Bihar, etc. Banaras - largest market for betel in India.

Banaras - great demand for cured betel leaves. Balasore is famous for cured betel leaves. Other nearer betel Market places: Local markets for transaction: Quantity transacted per day: Farmers sale the leaves through commission agents.

Farmers directly deal with the wholesalers. Most of the leaves are gone to local markets. Kundhei hata Othaka hata: Market charge per day: Distance from Nayahat- 20km. Distance from Bhubaneswar- 20km. Betel leaves are brought from Astaranga, Nimapara, Mukundpur, etc.

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Situated at Balipatana in Khurda district. Farmers get their payment after 1. Then the wholesaler replaces the leaves in big bamboo baskets, with a capacity 20, to 24, leaves.

P as the betel of Berhampur. Expences during cultivation Expences incurred by wholesaler Rs. Expences incurred by trader Rs. Packaging of betel leaves For transportation of betel leaves packaging is most essential. Materials used for packaging: Each truck carries baskets of betel leaf. Each van has the capacity to carry baskets.

Simple percentage, bar diagrams and arithmetic mean. Distance between assembling and trading market is high. Marketed mainly as mouth freshener. Farmers should be well trained with modern techniques.

Direct linking between farmers and traders e-choupal.SUPPLY CHAIN OF BETEL LEAF Producer Commission Agent(1) Commission Agent(2) Wholesaler Trader Retailer Consumer MARKET PROFILE: MARKET PROFILE The whole market is an unorganized market (absence of RMC).

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The third edition of Operations and Supply Chain Management: The Core focuses on the important “core” concepts in the dynamic field of operations.

Just as lava flows from the core of the earth, operations and supply chain management is the core of business. study the supply chain management of Betel leaf in Amravati district Methodology The present study was conducted in Amravati district of Vidarbha region.

The two tahsil viz. Anjangaon surji and Chandur Bazar in Amravati district were selected purposively where betel vine. Ikea Supply Chain Management Case Study, you can download them in pdf format from our website. Basic file format that can be downloaded and retrieve on numerous devices.

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