The reasons for the urgent need for regulation of guns in the united states

The pros and cons of gun control come to the forefront of debate in the wake of mass shootings that continue to pop up throughout the nation. Yet support for federal bans and reforms remain elusive. Even the devastating attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of failed to garner a consensus on the issue of background checks for gun purchases.

The reasons for the urgent need for regulation of guns in the united states

The possession of firearms by fugitives from justice, illegal aliens, and certain convicted criminals is banned.

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Vote Now The federal government also regulates the sale, shipping, and transportation of firearms, including banning people from carrying one aboard an aircraft, the NRA reported. But because there has never been a federal law that covers the issuance of concealed or open-carry firearms permits, states determine the extent to which those can be issued, CNBC reported.

It said all 50 states allow concealed carry at some level, but some are considerably more restrictive than others.

California, Florida, Illinois, and the District of Columbia ban the carry of any firearm openly in public, while the restrictiveness of individual open-carry laws varies greatly in other states, according to CNBC.

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act regulated the ownership of specific semiautomatic assault weapons and banned the ownership of large-capacity ammunition magazines, but that act expired in and was not renewed by the federal government.

Regulation of assault weapons now takes place at the state and local level, according to CNBC. The Washington Post reported in August that dissatisfaction with the U. State legislators are attempting to declare that only they have the right to interpret the Second Amendment, a movement that recalls the anti-federal spirit of the Civil War and civil rights eras.

Sam Brownback the law directly conflicted with federal law and was unconstitutional. The Post added that the Brady Center for Gun Violence filed a lawsuit against Kansas last July seeking to block enforcement of the law.

The Post asked Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, to weigh in on constitutionality of these types of nullification laws.

The federal law is supreme over state law.


This article does not constitute legal advice. Check the current gun laws before purchasing or traveling with a firearm.But gun advocates, including the NRA and gun lobbyists in D.C., are continuing to spread lies about gun use, firearm ownership and firearm homicide rates.

Here are seven myths we can thoroughly debunk: 1.

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More guns mean fewer deaths. False. There is a strong correlation between high levels of gun ownership and high firearm homicide rates.

If the United States imposes a 10 percent tariff on imports of Danish ham, for example, then a merchant bringing a $ shipment of Danish ham into the United States would be required to pay 10 percent of $, or $10, to the U.S.

government. It's a set of facts that should inform a discussion that we desperately need to have. Sections ; Home; Democracy Dies in Darkness.

The reasons for the urgent need for regulation of guns in the united states

Try 1 month for $1 Gun ownership in the United States is. Not unless by "additional gun control regulation" you mean banning and confiscating lawfully-owned guns. In that scenario violent reactions are likely to happen, and those reactions will escalate into a larger and larger rebellion .

Terrorism, Guns and the Right to Life. absolute right that should exist unfettered by regulations or, in their lexicon, “burdens.” There are reasons .

Gun Laws By State: How Federal Regulations Shape How States Can Legislate Weapons This photo illustration shows a Remington gauge semi-automatic shotgun, a Colt AR semi-automatic rifle, a Colt semi-auto handgun, a Walther PK semi-auto handgun and various ammunition clips with a copy of the US Constitution on top .

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