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She was re-elected to the position and then, at age 67, she was the Republican nominee for mayor. Very active in community affairs, she was a vocal critic of matters she believed were not in the interests of South Bend, and she closely scrutinized the budgeting and spending of public funds. A friendly lady who conducted herself with dignity, she was quick to praise achievements of public officials. He came to South Bend in after finishing his law degree at Boston College.

Wealth fame

Starting with the Institute of Decision MakingDraftfcb has been one of the leaders in thinking about how to incorporate the discipline of behavioral economics with the practice, and business, of modern advertising and marketing.

Recently, Kenny has put together a Wealth fame of video lessons that serve as a guide to using behavioral economics in their work.

Behavioral economists have long looked at marketers and advertisers as people who have been applying behavioral principles for years. With the rise of behavioral economics as a recognized discipline, how would you say marketers and advertisers look at the work behavioral economists do?

Your point about marketers having used behavioral principles for years is a critical one. Most marketers are looking at behavioral economics as something that will transform what they do, but in truth it helps them understand better what the best creatives have always understood, albeit unwittingly: That people are not rational.

The best creative Wealth fame always been built on that insight, and is inevitably more creative, more breakthrough, more persuasive and more effective. Behavioral economics helps us understand why great creative works.

Wealth fame

The term behavioral economics has been floating around the industry for a couple years now, and more marketers are familiar with books like Nudge. Is behavioral economics just going to be a fad?

If anything, behavioral economics impact will only grow in the future, because it works hand in glove with the growing centrality of digital solutions in marketing. Behavioral economics will increasingly be providing the behavioral insight that drives digital strategy.

It can be easy to think about the relationship between behavioral economists and advertisers and marketers as a one-way street. Do you think marketing professionals can offer insights and lessons to behavioral economists?

What they tell us is three fold.

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First, marketers give behavioral economists access to huge behavioral databases that scream for behavioral analysis. Second, marketers can give academics great opportunity to test their insights.

Public policy is a tough place to try something new, whereas marketers will inevitably have far more license. Finally we find ourselves invited to give a lot of presentations at universities by academics.

Marketing is a great way of introducing students to the pervasiveness of behavioral economics in the messaging that surrounds them every day, and get them interested in the field.

Wealth fame

Draftfcb launched the Institute of Decision Making in June Can you give us an update on its work over the past year? Now, coming off that, our focus in the coming months will be ensuring that behavioral economics is not see as a separate skill set, but one that all departments in the agency are familiar with, and that our planners see as a core skill set.

What behavioral economics concepts have you found to be most relevant or powerful in your work? What value do you think BE brings to your work?

Three favorites come to mind: Within the digital space, one of my favorite applications has been in the area of couponing, which is typically very rational. Draftfcb combined a standard financial discount coupon with a lottery prize that had a social component.

What has been the reaction to introducing BE concepts into pitches from chief marketing officers? Some are very interested, but ultimately what the care about is the work.

Does it shift their business? The fact that we are increasingly getting that work from starting in behavioral economics is interesting to them, but secondary.Huey Pierce Long Jr. (August 30, – September 10, ), self-nicknamed The Kingfish, was an American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from to and as a member of the United States Senate from until his assassination in As the political leader of Louisiana, he commanded wide .

Mar 19,  · The emerging workforce puts more value on income and fame than generations before. What does this mean for the individuals, and the companies they run?

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The NASCAR Hall of Fame honors drivers who have shown exceptional skill at NASCAR driving, all-time great crew chiefs and owners, broadcasters and other major contributors to competition within the sanctioning body.

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