Writing a ghost sound effect

Excalibur once gave us the memorable sound of a bathroom exploding: Green Arrow fought a serial killer named Onomatopoeia, who only spoke to describe the sounds he heard or anticipated hearing. He does it underwater.

Writing a ghost sound effect

Do you want to write a ghost story? Are you working on a thriller, an urban fantasy, a paranormal romance or a horror novel? Then you need to create at least one creepy scene. Give your readers the spooky, spine-tingling experience they enjoy.

Try these six professional techniques. Use Sound Effects Weave many noises into your writing. Here are some ideas. Voices How do the voices sound?

Her voice screeched like a rusty hinge. He had the throaty voice of a heavy smoker. His voice rumbled like thunder. Action Sounds Almost everything a character does creates a noise, either directly or indirectly.

Her footsteps whispered across the sand. The door clicked back into the lock.

writing a ghost sound effect

The bunch of keys in his hands rattled. A floorboard creaked under my feet. Background noises Sounds unrelated to the action slow the pace but increase the suspense. This is perfect for situations where the main character is waiting for something.

This may yield atmospheric details. In the distance, a coyote howled. Keyboards clacked, printers whirred. Wind banged the doors and rattled the shutters.

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Rain hammered against the window panes. Are they tanned or pale, pudgy or bony, scarred, calloused, grimy or carefully manicured?

If the point of view character experiences their touch, do the hands feel cool or hot, dry or sweaty, soft or rough? In the case of an animal or monster, are the paws leathery, hairy or covered in iridiscent scales? Are the talons dagger-straight or curved like scimitars?

Are they matte like tarnished copper or do they shine like polished steel? Perhaps you can choose a dark location, such as a forest at night or an unlit cave.

You could also let the camp-fire burn down, the torch battery go flat, a power cut turn off all lights, or the wind blow out the candle.

Darkness reduces the vision.

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The character will hear, smell and feel more than usual, and this increases the creepiness and suspense. Describe the source and quality of the light.

Where does the light come from, and what does it look like?

writing a ghost sound effect

The window slit admitted a mere sliver of light. Moonlight painted the landscape in eerie silver. Blinding light shot through the opening in the roof and painted a sharp rectangle on the carpet. Weak light filtered through the grime-streaked glass pane.

A bare bulb overhead threw a puddle of harsh light on the concrete floor. The street lamps washed the road in their sulphurous glow. The horizon shimmered crimson in the wash of the setting sun.

Moving, flickering, disappearing and reappearing lights also add to a spooky effect. Describe the way the candle flickers or the way clouds ghost across the moon.The right trailer can set the success of a film, a video game or a tv show before they are released.

It is a major element in the big marketing machine of studios’ release plans and the music that goes along with the visual part of a trailer plays no small part in that. The most popular site for professional sound effects in the world.: ghost sounds.

One of the scariest ghost stories I ever read was Oliver Onions’ “The Beckoning Fair One”. He uses a masterfully subtle sound effect – the closest thing to a “phenomena” is the kitchen faucet dripping what sounds like three notes from a song.

The Sound-Effect Bleep trope as used in popular culture. Normally used when a character is going to say something rude in a programme where the FCC (or other .

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This is going to be so much fun, and all while you improve your story writing skills.

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