Your visit to the birla planetarium

I have actually been there to attend a photography workshop and ended up admiring the treasure trove that Birla Science Museum and Planetarium offers to the whole family. There is ample paid parking available, so be a Good Samaritan and take kids of your friends and relatives also. Besides these there are regular movie shows starting from

Your visit to the birla planetarium

The old temple was consecrated on Thursday, 19th November This temple is on the corner of Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg and S.

Bole Marg in Prabhadevi. Siddhivinayak is famous and known as 'Navasacha Ganapati' or 'Navasala Pavanara Ganapati' in Marathi Ganapati bestows whenever humbly genuinely prayed a wish among devotees.

The idol of Shree Siddhivinayak was carved out of a single black stone and is 2feet 6inches mm high and 2feet mm wide with the trunk on the right.

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This is rather unusual appearance of Lord Ganesh. The upper right and left hands hold a lotus and an axe respectively while the lower right and left hands hold a rosary japmala and bowl full of 'Modak' respectively. As it resembles the sacred thread, a snake appears on the left shoulder to right side belly.

On the forehead of deity is an eye, which almost looks like the third eye of Lord Shiva.

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On both sides of the Lord Ganesh idol, are placed one idol each of Riddhi and Siddhi goddesses who are appearing like peeping out of the Ganesh idol from behind. Because of these two deities along with Lord Ganesh, this temple is known as the Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple.

These goddesses signify sanctity, success, wealth and prosperity. The devotees in large numbers started visiting the temple only after and the long standing Q's were seen onwards.

The number of devotees visiting the temple started growing by real sense of Geometrical Progression. It was designed by George Wikket. Through this magnificent monument, numerous viceroys and governors were welcomed to India as they disembarked from their steamers, hence the name.

It is situated in the heart of the Mumbai city at a junction of five streets. The fountain has a figure of "Flora", the Roman Goddess of Flowers at the top. Mahalaxmi Temple This temple is situated very close to the sea off Mahalaxmi. During Navaratri festival, devoted Hindus throng this temple in great numbers to offer coconut, flowers and sweets to the goddesses.

This beach is well-known for it's stalls selling "Bhel-Puri and Pani -Puri chat" a favourite fast food among the Mumbaites and visitors to the city. Juhu Beach is the most popular beach in Mumbai which is 30 kms away from the heart of Mumbai.

Your visit to the birla planetarium

It is a long stretch of sandy beach from Santacruz to Vile-Parle.Birla Science Museum & Planetarium is a great place to spend a day with your kids, showing them science exibits and Dinosaurs that once roamed earth. Mumbai's most famous landmark, The Gateway of India, is situated at Apollo Bunder.

It was designed by George Wikket. It was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in Jaipur city is famous for its forts and palaces but this city also holds spiritual history in its temples. Many famous temples are here in Jaipur and tourists love to visit them.

ROOMS. The experience of being in the heart of the city while enjoying a quiet evening.

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Such is the charm of the rooms at Marigold. It's a beautiful mix of subtle design statements and luxurious touches full of .

Your visit to the birla planetarium

Kolkata is much more than Victoria Memorial & Birla Planetarium. There are so many places hidden under countless layers of history that need more limelight. Kolkata is the City of Joy in the true sense of the term. The city stays busy throughout the year with a lot of festivals, events, cultural programs and political strikes as well.

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