Youth and the law essay

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Youth and the law essay

Law Essay on Youth Justice System Youth justice system Law- Criminal Procedure Over recent years, new legislation has made major changes to the treatment of young offenders and the operation of the youth justice system. Critically assess the youth justice system as it now operates.

Do you consider that a Youth and the law essay government aim to reduce youth offending is being achieved. According to a Home Office study, one out of four teenagers could be classified as a serious offender, with high potential to become a criminal.

The crime and justice survey suggests that there are 3. Government and the society always hope that these young offenders would grow out of their crimes eventually. But this may not be the case under all circumstances.

There are a large number of exceptions where they become bigger criminals posing higher threats to the society. Offence by teenagers is much higher than it was estimated.

It is also a fact that many of these potential criminals start with a humble beginning in the early teens.

Youth and the law essay

This obviously does not mean that the girls are not offenders at all. They can claim an equal success in crime. They start quite early on drinking, drug addiction, shoplifting, prostituting, buying stolen goods knowingly, causing criminal damage to public property etc.

Both boys and girls involve in serious fights, thieving at work places, foul mouthing, insulting and offensive language, ridiculing and indulging in racist offences. Youth justice system In the last hundred years, juvenile justice is concentrating on punishment and welfare both.

England earlier had the unfortunate system of juvenile justice of imprisonment, transportation and even death penalty, regardless of the age of the offender. Now children and adults are treated differently and juveniles have their own courts to try their offences.

A large number of them are considered to be suffering from behavioural disorders and in such cases, they are sent for psychiatric treatments and psychotherapies. The Punishments are milder keeping in view of the offence and the age of the offender and his responsibility in the crime.

The most important point here is the welfare of the child and delinking him from later life offences. Young offenders naturally have to be treated with care, as they might not be fully responsible for their crimes and their future should never get marred due to a crime committed when they are still juveniles.

Over the years, the stress has shifted from punishment to welfare with more planning for their adult life.

Youth and the law essay

Condemnation of the crime has been steadily becoming milder and concern for the adult life had been growing. Today juvenile crime is being treated as a social melody.

Finding the family, gaining the cooperation of the family, trying to contact the child as often as possible even after he returns home, interviewing the rest of the family trying to locate the source of the problem, establishing an interview schedule, insisting on a self-reporting system have all become part of the welfare process of a child offender.

Arrests are made only under unavoidable circumstances and most of the arrests result in letting off the child with a warning, without charging in the hope that it might dishearten the youngster from launching into a career of offences.

Ethnic background, family circumstances, possible abuse at home or outside, mental deficiencies and racial discrimination are all evaluated while providing a long-term social care.

A recent addition is Crime and Disorder Act,which addresses the persistent young offenders, according to which the police or local authority can apply for an Anti Social Behaviour Order from a magistrate court when a child is above ten and is distinctly anti-social and this order will be in force for two years and more.

This depends on the eligibility of circumstances and other measures need not have been exhausted.

Law Order And The Youth Essay

Child Curfew Schemes work on dual purpose, where they discourage children to be on the street at night and protect citizens from the hooliganism of such children.

In JuneChild Safety Order came into being to place a criminal minded child lesser than ten under the supervision of a social worker.

The Detention and Training order Sections provides new custodial sentences that could prevent further crimes. Under Final Warning Scheme, 10 - 17 year olds are given final warnings, instead of repeat cautioning.

Being out in the night could place the youngster in danger of being exploited by pimps, drug sellers, criminals and murderers. Reparation Orders insist that the offending youngster, according to the seriousness of the offence committed, would render reparation of 24 hours to the victim or community at large directly or indirectly, within three months of committing the offence, mostly in the form of a letter of apology, clearing graffiti, personally apologising, or repairing the criminal damage in suitable way.The Youth Criminal Justice Act is the 3rd act implemented in Canada for dealing with youth in conflict with the law.

Many of the act's principles were borrowed from it's predecessors, the Young Offender's Act and the Juvenile Delinquent Act. The Youth Criminal Justice Act is the 3rd act implemented in Canada for dealing with youth in conflict with the law.

Many of the act's principles were borrowed from it's predecessors, the Young Offender's Act and the Juvenile Delinquent Act. Law order and the youth essays.

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This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Young offenders in the uk youth activities and youth inclusion projects offering activities ranging from sports coaching to stress management.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act that is only applicable to youths between the age of 12 and 18 who have allegedly committed a crime. The act establishes a separate system for criminal justice that is different from the code of criminal.

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